What happens when you keep your unlikely new years resolution

I started this blog on January 2. It was the result of a new years resolution.

I have a list – it’s called 20 Things. It’s a bit like a bucket list. I was inspired to write my list after I read the super cool blog 100 Things. A bloke called Sebastian Terry has dropped everything to wander around the world ticking off 100 things on his bucket list.

I probably don’t have the luxury of leaving Steve and the kids and taking off around the world to complete my list. But there is nothing stopping me slowly working my way through the 20 items.

I have ticked off a few. I completed my post-grad in Education. I have visited a fortune-teller. And now I have started my blog.

Here is the thing though. I didn’t really think anyone else would want to read about the inner ramblings of an exhausted mother of four. But it turns out – a few people do, and I can’t tell you how surprised, happy and humbled I feel about that.

So it turns out I have outgrown my initial blogging website in the first two months. I have now (after much swearing and yelling at my computer) upgraded to WordPress – this should keep me going for the long haul. Thanks also to Angie Makes for my cool new theme.

Check out my new site at www.bookenblend.com.au. Please advise me of all spelling mistakes and general stuff ups – because I did most of the work late at night buzzed on chai tea (I’m a rebel I know).

As always – thanks for reading and come join the conversation on Facebook.

Blend it your way,

Leese x

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